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Silky Soft &Tender Foundation Liquid
~RM 98~

Adopts the natural milk elements as its base, and blended with super-fine powder, it is soft, smooth, refreshing and enjoy good air permeability, can be used to create the transparent and crystal make-up effect. It is natural and refreshing; the milk cream can moisten your skin and can also improve the dim and dark complexion as well as smooth your skin and make your complexion more even.

Aquajelly Wet &Dry Dual-usage Powder Cake

~RM 88~

Contains natural moisture-locking factors and vitamin E as well as the super-fine skin-closing particulate, it boasts smooth quality, and easy to be spread evenly; can ensure the long-lasting and close effect, the whole make-up will be brilliant and elegant. This product perfectly combines the advantage of the quality feeling of foundation liquid as well as the convenience of the powder cake.

~RM 88~

3D Traceless Defects Concealer

Delicately made with natural powders, it can natural and perfectly conceal the speckles and other defects on your face even the large shadows under your eyes, and with good air permeability, good applying effect, furthermore, it is easy to use.

~RM 68~

~RM 68~

Soft & Mild Cheek Colour

Adopts natural powder quality, it is tender, thin, close to skin and with soft colour, what's more, you can also experience its silky soft feeling. it can ensure the long-lasting make-up, make your cheek become immaculate and more ruddy and natural.

~RM 68~

Crystal & Silky Loose Powder

Soft, shiny, tender, clingy and natural. Adopts the natural material, the repairing loose powder which is crystal and silky soft can make your skin become more moist, soft, tender, and with light, soft and bright effect, it can shows its perfect charm on every kind of skins, suitable for all skin qualities.

~RM 78~

Tender Soft & Super Fine Finishing Powder

Tender, smooth and fine, without shed spots. Adopts the nanometre level powder which is light and transparent, it can double enhance the crystal and bright effect of foundation to create a trackless and perfect make-up. With its natural effect and powerful sweat-absorptivity, it can absorb the redundant fat, and make the fresh and skin-closing make up last for longer time.

~RM 78~

Charming Make-up Shading Powder (Double)

Adopts the natural super-soft & super-fine particulate, it can remedy and create the 3D effect with its perfect color repairing effects.
Naturally conceal the defects, shows the pure and transparent skin quality.
With its unique make-up locking factors, it can control the redundant fat and sweat effectively for a long time, and it can also keep the long-lasting make-up.

~RM 88~

*Visit 8th floor Berjaya Times Square ,Amber Chia Academy


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