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Right Diamond Eyeshadow

Natural silky and diamond powder. Easy dressing and long lasting. Skin-friendly ingredient. Contain special elements to highlight eyes and radiate resplendence of diamond. 

   ~RM 98~

Shining four Colour Eyeshadow 
With the silky natural talc and its nanometre level powder, the quality of this product is smooth, super thin and super fine. Boasts good ductility and strong adhesive force. The reasonable color combination can make your beautiful eyes more charming and attractive.
~RM 68~

Silky Soft Eyeshadow

Adopts the natural elements and the unique water-proof formula, this products enjoys the characteristics of easy applying, natural outspread. Show the make-ups on your eyes in different style, it can combining used with the powder eyes shadow.

~RM 42~

Water Soluble Eyes Liner Powder

It contains abundant natural plant essence, with its unique water soluble formula, it is harmless to your eyelid, and the colour is vivid and can last for a long time.

~RM 42~

Charming Eyebrow Powder

Made with the results of the latest technology, it can keep closer to your skin, and the colour of which is natural and vivid, and will never fade and disorder, mostly, this product is designed for professional dressers.

~RM 42~

*Please visit 8th Floor Berjaya Times Square, Amber Chia Academy


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