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Resplendent Gloss Lipstick

With its resplendent gloss and brilliant colours, this product adopts the natural moisture looking factors, can ensure the soft and moist quality for a long time. It is especially good for the lips which are dry and with deep veins.

~RM 68~

Five Colour Lipstick

Contains various kinds of vitamin and moistening element, the make-up effect made by this product is transparent, moist and long-lasting; you can freely arrange the different colours and glosses to make yourself enjoy the different make-up effect on your lips.

~RM 108~

Silk Luster & Moistening Lip Gloss

Contains abundant natural vitamins and other kinds of moistening element, it is natural and crystal.
Specially contains the plant lip-care essence, which can make your lips more delicate, more charming and more attractive.

~RM 58~

3D Resplendent Lip Gloss

With its unique natural 3D glittering factors,contained, it can reflect colours and light as diamond does, in addition, this product contains abundant Vitamin E moistening and nourishing elements.

~RM 68~

Lips Beautifying & Repairing Essence

Contains abundant vitamin, plant albumen essence and natural moisture-locking factors, it can effectively protect your lip from dryness, cracking, and desquamation. In addition, it can also effectively nourish and protect your lips, it is indeed a outstanding necessary before lips making-up.

         ~RM 88~

*Please visit 8th Floor Berjaya Times Square, Amber Chia Academy


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