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ikut momo jom

21 March 2010


1.last gift u received?
-of course my teddy from my boyyie luv u syg!

2.ever dropped a cellphones?
-hahha many times larh

3.last food u ate?
-td bru mkn laksa wekk xsuke

4.last club u visited?
-never la

5.last smoke?
-never ever never

6.last wedding u attended?
-my kazen's wedding (diarah jd kuli)

7.last time u saw ur friend?
-just now

8.where is ur favourite place?
-swiss!! honey can we go to swiss?

9.can u cook?
-totally yes eventhough bkn cm chef wan

10.last time u cried?
-secret ek

11.hate most about urself
-ketinggian =(

12.can u sing?
-wink~no way

13.last person who called u
-umi yeay2

14.what was the last text mesg u received
-bucup HAHA kerek nye boyyie

15.can u swim

16.favourite flavour of ice cream
-choc bebeh

17.what time did u wake up this morning
-9.00 pfft lmbt tol

18. are you smiling?
ngeee always(bile de mood) you miss someone right now
-totally yes u have a sister?
-no i dont have

21.what were u doin in 10min ago?

22.what colour would u prefer
-pink hehe many kids do u want?
3 should be ok hehe

24.favourite things u have now
-my baby cute cell phone n lappy


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