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ikut momo jom

19 May 2010

dream dream

selalu time2 macam ni mesti duduk sebelah die sembang2... blajar sikit2 pasal laptop sume ni sebab momo buta IT.

takpun die ajak makan chocolate..sedapnye tibe2 teringin lak.orang tu offer jual mahal kan da rugi.

lepas tuh tengok movie citer lawan2 ke..kelakar2 ke..hhehe bestt

time to sleep...

"goodnight..sweet dream..."

"nyte...cweet dream.."-im off to bed-

looking at his smile and im off to bed..wish he will come to my dream with his sweet smile that makes my heart melt.

waiting for another day to come...

early in the morning~

i get up and rush to the bathroom and then i stop

looking at him...he is still sleeping

i want to kiss you and give a BIG hug but i can't...just can't...

because of our distance...



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