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ikut momo jom

16 August 2010


OMG...last night i sleep at 3.30am.goshh! this morning i felt so dizzy.
after i had my 'sahur' bumppp lompat atas katil terus tak tunggu da makanan turun dalam perut.HAHA

cantik tak perangai saya?
last night what i did was :
trying to solve my friends problem
doing my love's assignment ~yiksss not really assigment larh tapi dengan sukarela i want to help him.
love! you make me feel i am important to you.heee *blushing*
webby with my love!
you know what? he did some crazy things that never been done before.HAHA
ok ok what he did was hmm trying to be a statue.die nak momo ingat webby die stuck but then kain tepi die tengah gerak2.HAHA
ok next die senyum memanjang nampak habis susunan gigi tu.HAHA dot dot im jealous to see his teeth.nak je tukar.haha
i-am-crazy-about-him-miss-him!- LOL

and then he play with the images where he can change his face to wolf.grrr~serious-cuak-habis-
and its 3 a.m larh!sudah la seorang.hishh nasib kamek sayang kitak sangat.

so the conclusion is by having headache is worth it because i get time to spend with you. *HEAVEN*


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