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ikut momo jom

15 August 2010


have you ever jealous with someone?
well I was jealous with someone just a couple days ago.
gosh! it was hard to tell that person the truth.
you see...

i dont mind who is your friend
i dont mind if your friend is a girl
i dont mind if you go out and have fun with them
i dont mind at all

BUT deep inside my heart

i do mind if you get too friendly with girls (even i know who they are)
i do mind if you go out somewhere without telling me
i do mind if we go out you dont buy anything but when with your friend you can buy things that you make me feel so useless.

it really hurt my feeling.geeee~
im just an ordinary girl who knows to feel be happy and excited.

and i want you to know i just want to be with you.always.

im sorry for everything dear...trully sorry.


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