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ikut momo jom

17 September 2010


  • I love to sing a song for you
  • I love to hang around with you and play for one whole day
  • I love when you scream shout swearing at me
  • I run to you when I'm down
  • I let you know everything that happen everyday
  • I love to talk to you
  • I love the way we laugh
  • I hate the way you cry
  • I wanna share everything to you
  • I love it when you smack me out from the bed
  • I love when we have a chit chat outside of the room
  • I hate that I miss you million times
  • I love to sing along with you
  • I love it when you spoon feed me.
  • I love to watch you sleep.
  • I like the way you look at me
  • I like it when we talk and suddenly you laugh
  • I like to piggy back you
  • I like everything about you
boy.. I love you so much!


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