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09 October 2011

Berkelah Waterfall

This Waterfall or waterfalls were admired by the many who had seen them. Very natural settings and beautifully carved out falls. As it is located in a sparsely populated locality, it is difficult to identify any landmark for those who have not being there to make entry to the waterfall area.

Perhaps this brief write-up may will give a better impression on the access. Along Federal Route 2 to Kuantan from Maran, 42 kilometers before destination, you will come across a bridge with this signage.

Okay...I just realized the existence of Berkelah Waterfall just a few minutes ago.Well at first I thought Berkelah is picnic and at the end its a name of waterfall.Heee~ bongoknya sayaaaa...

Kenapa baru boleh terfikir sekarang.Otak ni laaa..selalu betul lembab.heishhh..

Dalam kepala sekarang asyik berputar ayat..'stupidddddd you are stuuuupid.Why are you so stupid?'


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