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04 May 2011

School Holidays tak lama lagi ! jom ramai-ramai ke Sunway Lagoon !

son: Mom Dad..Tomorrow I don't want to go to school
mom: why son?
son: Don't you know what day is tomorrow?
dad: Hmm what is it? School holidays?
son: yes! yes! school holidays! *jumping*
mom: Oh my..really?have you plan anything yet?
son: Yes..Can we go to Sunway Lagoon please...


Price? Not bad.. Worth it because you're gonna love them!
See? Its not that expensive..Oh come on..once in a while, go and spend your money! Don't keep your money just like Mr.Crab. *kedekut*

Wanna have more experience? Why don't you try all this games
Don't forget to bring your MyKad..! *you can get discounts* >.<

You can read other informations here..

and here..

and also here..

Visit Sunway Lagoon for more information or just click on the Facebook.

Mom & Dad : Let's pack our stuffs and go now!
son: hoorayyy! Let's go !

notakaki: tak excited ke korang?tak ke? oh my..momo da teruja nak pergi ni. Tapi tak dapat pula sebab adik momo kaki die retak. Takkan nak tinggal dia tepi air je. momo bukan lah kakak yang kejam. So harap-harap kaki dia cepat pulih and we can have fun too !
JOm semua!!!



blogspot momo ada prob eh?

momochan said...

kamihidup: prob pastu tekan-tekan..biar je terus da elok pula.heee~nasib baik

Far8 budak baik said...

waaaaa sunway lagoon
mmg best..
x pyh lah jumping sgt =p

momochan said...

HAHAHHA sunway lagoon bestttttt

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