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02 March 2011

Starting to fallen in love with March

Hello readers!!

Today is 2 March 2011...HEY! Its March already!! *say out loud*
Happy March everyone...Its a new day..a new month for us.. be a good person.. okay people??

Now straight to the point why I love March so much? but not November, October etc..
1st thing is for sure.. my b-i-r-t-h-d-a-y *hadiah jangan lupa* 2nd I got a coupon from 'The Body Shop' bolehlah membeli belah kat situ nanti! 3rd momo dapat free passes for any movie at TGV Cinemas outlet from Nuffnang . I got 4 passes!! HAHA

Cool gila kan? Ingat senang ke nak dapat..
Tapi...bila ada masa nak pergi cinema entah..hmm ni yang tak sabar nak balik rumah ni..hoyeahh
Nak balik rumah..nak balik rumah...MAS or AirAsia taknak sponsor momo ke?HAHA
Ingat orang terpenting negara ke nak sponsor-sponsor ni..HUHU

Ehemm nak cerita juga tadi practise for assesment 3...its a group discussion. They give you one situation and you need to solve it in your group. For example, how to overcome with the social problems nowadays? contoh tau...for our group tadi dapat pasal Pizza punya..

Hmm kena bincangkan selama 20 minutes but we managed to finish emm 18 minutes macam tu la..It was okay and fun, we did laughed like crazy.LOL shouldn't do that infront of your lecturer.Heee~ lepas tu momo asyik potpetpotpet...zzzz~I dont want to be a talkative person!!
But my friends told me I have to talk a lot if you want to get a higher mark (BEL 312)...lalalla~

Ok its enough..Good day people!! Malam ni mahu menari lagi..horayy! momo sangat teruja bangat deyhh!

psttt~Im asking my aunt to buy the hair curler for me..*wink*

notakaki: I'm happy today...Are you happy?



selamat mac!!! hahahaa. :)

momochan said...

kamihidup: happy march juga! HEHE

Rozuan Ismail said...

nak pinjam wan nye cupon watson..bertimbun ni ha..dah nak tamat tempoh ni..rugi tak guna

momochan said...

rozuan:ah pinjam?HAHHAa taknak la...kalau body shop nak la..hikhik

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